Career Coaching Services

What is your ideal dream career? Perfect Impressions can help get you there!  We are there to provide support, employing powerful coaching techniques to motivate and encourage you during the career search process. We listen to your feelings and personal aspirations as they relate to your career decision-making, and use them as a springboard towards defining realistic career goals.

Learn our insider secrets for career management in this changing economy!

Services offered

  • Career Management: What phase are you at in your career?
  • Career Assessments: Understand your personality type, professional skills and strengths.
  • Career Branding: What is your unique selling point? Using social media for your professional brand.
  • Networking: Uncovering networking roadblocks, coaching techniques to support networking, types of networking contacts.
  • Job Search: Develop your resume and learn interviewing strategies that will highlight your skills and make you stand out.
  • Are you Promotable? Strategies to help you advance your career and get promoted