The services didn’t stop when I received my job offer

Perfect Impressions services were critical in moving my career forward. I worked with Shalisha, and she was amazing. During the consultation, she was able to review my resume and give me key pointers to enhance my resume, making it more eye-catching and highlighting key skills, which greatly improved my resume views and callbacks. She was very attentive during the consultation, really honing in where I wanted to take my career. Another plus about her services is that you can do it all over the phone, so it is very convenient.

She helped me with my job search by sending recommended job listing from all sectors (public, non-profit, and government). When I began interviews, she was there every step of the way through all 4 rounds. Her progressive mock interviews were remarkable. We went over a wide range of questions and responses. I felt really prepared for every interview style I encountered (in-person and phone interviews). We created a game plan to think outside of the box and ultimately landed me my dream job.

The best part about my experience with Perfect Impressions, is that the services didn’t stop when I received my job offer. Shalisha helped me with salary negotiations, and identified strategies to build my career brand and make a great first impression during my first month on the job! Shalisha is very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend her to all my family, friends, and connections.

T. Goins